AA History:  A good deal of valuable information about A.A. history can be found at This site is maintained by the excellent AA archivist and historian Doug B. Among other items, it contains the Memorial Books for Nell Wing, Nancy O., Esther Coleman, Robert Ripley Smith, Searcy W., Dr. Earle M., Sue Smith Windows, Doc John, Dr. Paul O., and Hugh M.

AA History Lovers:  The AAHistoryLovers web group is a key place for the interchange of information about A.A. history and archives. The membership includes people from all around the world, including the majority of the best experts in the field:  Founded by Nancy Olson (September 18, 1929 - March 25, 2005), this group is intended for all those interested in the history of Alcoholics Anonymous. It is not limited to members of AA, and is not an AA group. As of July 2015, there were 2,819 members, and 10,744 messages posted (which are a goldmine of information on all sorts of topics). This is one of the sites which AA historians need to look at regularly in order to stay abreast of the latest and most accurate information in this field.

Glenn F. Chesnut, The History of the AA History Lovers, gives a detailed account of the early days of this webgroup under its first two moderators (Nancy Moyer Olson and Glenn Chesnut) and the principles by which the group was guided. This story is interwoven in a variety of ways with the development of AA archival and historical endeavors, and with the development of AA itself, at the turn of the twenty-first century.
May be read as a PDF file at
Or downloaded as a Microsoft DOC file at

Alcohol and Drugs History Society: This is the online home of The Social History of Alcohol and Drugs. See also Trysh Travis, "Print Culture in the AA Fellowship," an Adobe Acrobat PDF file at

Alcoholics Anonymous History:  see DMOZ Open Directory Project below.

Australia:  history of A.A. in Australia at

Baltimore:  AA historian Al W., who sends his humorous musings every week to people all over the country, has created an excellent website for the West Baltimore AA groups, which also contains some really good material on national A.A. history. See West Baltimore A.A. at, the History Page at, and all of the good historical materials on the Info Page at Nancy Olson's Biographies of the Big Book Authors are also available on this site at

Barefootsworld AA History:  one of the best online sources of AA documents and history can be found here at has a detailed and comprehensive alphabetical list of "People In A.A. History Mentioned In The Literature: Who Were They? What Did They Do?"

Big Book, text of the first 164 pages:  The text is set up for searching for particular words and also phrases, which is useful for people who are trying to find the page number of a particular phrase or sentence.

Big Book Authors and Stories:  Nancy Olson's Biographies of the Authors of the Stories in the Big Book, which gives a series of short biographies of all the A.A. members who wrote the stories in the back of the Big Book, can be read at and at

Big Book Concordance:  A Concordance to the entire 3rd edition of the Big Book (including the stories at the end) at, where one can take any of 9,885 different words and find every page in the Big Book in which that word is used. The words listed run from from Abandon, Abandoned, Aberrations, Abetted, Abide, and Abilities at the beginning of the A's, to Yourselves, Youth, Youthful, Zeal, Zero, and Zone at the very end of the list.

Big Book Concordance:  A Concordance to the first 164 pages of the Big Book (which may be used with either the 3rd or 4th edition) at The words listed run from Abandoned, Abated, Aberrations, Abide, and Abilities at the beginning of the A's, to Written, Wrong-doing, Wronged, Wrought, and Zeal at the very end of the list.

Bishop of Books:  The Bishop of Books at This website is run by Charlie Bishop, Jr., in Wheeling WV, who has been for many years the leading bookseller dealing in rare books in AA history. E-mail Any good collection on A.A. history and archives should have the reference book which was put together by him and Bill Pittman from the Hazelden Archives and published by the Bishop of Books in Wheeling WV: Charlie Bishop, Jr. & Bill Pittman, To Be Continued . . . The Alcoholics Anonymous World Bibliography 1935-1994.

Books, including rare and out-of-print:  see the Bishop of Books (above) and Hazelden (below on this list). People looking for books from AA history and in other related areas should also look at the following two general dealers in rare and out-of-print books:

A Libris Books:

Cybriety:  AA history and photos at

Helping Others Live Sober from the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry. gives a long list of excellent links to higher education, media, online organizations and research institutes, national organizations, addiction recovery houses and treatment facilities, and instrument databases.

London, England:  The Design for Living AA Group at William Morris House, 267 The Broadway, Wimbledon, London SW19 1SD (meeting on Sunday mornings) has a website that is put together beautifully and is a nice model for how to do a good group website. It's got excellent material on sponsorship, the AA group, and AA literature, and keeps things firmly grounded in AA's historic heritage.

CLICK HERE to visit the Design for Living Group's website

Minnesota A.A. history:

Mitchell K. and others:  Writing the Big Book:  AA History at E-mail address is Principally contains columns written by Mitchell K.

Points: The Blog of the Alcohol & Drugs History Society: "is an academic group blog that brings together scholars with wide-ranging expertise with the goal of producing original and thoughtful reflections on the history of alcohol and drugs, the web of policy surrounding them, and their place in popular culture. A group blog provides a space for the exchange of new ideas, insights, and speculations about our interdisciplinary and rapidly evolving field. With a diverse audience in mind, postings to Points will be short takes (500-1000 words) by contributing editors and guest bloggers on a wide range of topics—ruminations on a new archive, scathing cultural criticism, commentary on current events, etc. More informed than the mainstream media and less turgid than the average academic journal, Points will exemplify a new kind of scholarly exchange."
Points was founded in 2011 by Joe Spillane and Trysh Travis. It is the official blog of the Alcohol and Drugs History Society, an affiliate organization of the American Historical Association. For further information, contact Managing Editor Emily Dufton or Media Liaison Amy Long.  people in AA history at

Social History of Alcohol and Drugs:  see Alcohol and Drugs History Society above.  Twelve-step theory and history.  For those who are studying the Oxford Group, this site has some especially good and useful downloads, including the complete text of H. A. Walter's Soul Surgery, V. C. Kitchen's I Was a Pagan, and What is the Oxford Group? by The Layman With a Notebook, at

West Baltimore AA:  see Baltimore above.