Images of Christ

An Introduction to Christology

Glenn F. Chesnut

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Glenn F. Chesnut, Images of Christ, Glenn Chesnut
Glenn F. Chesnut, Images of Christ: An Introduction to Christology (San Francisco: Harper & Row, 1984), ISBN 0-86683-875-9, xiv + 172 pp., $8.95 U.S.

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"This unpretentious little book . . . is full of many new interpretations of the Christological tradition (especially with regard to the continued relevance of Chalcedon and Maximos the Confessor) and it sums up the contemporary issues in a more fruitful way than most of the bulkier and more polemical essays in this field. It will bear the scrutiny of the experts and it will edify 'plain folk.'"
Albert C. Outler
Southern Methodist University
"What a pleasure to have an outstanding historian of early Christianity now approach the key Christological issues from the perspective of their historical significance in the life of the ordinary believer, recovering it for the life and thought of this book's readers."
Dennis Groh, Garrett-Evangelical
Theological Seminary
". . . A good and helpful book . . . . in explaining the ancient cultural context of Christian doctrines and in pointing out contemporary parallels."
J. Patout Burns, S.J.
Loyola University of Chicago

Glenn F. Chesnut, author of Images of Christ, Glenn Chesnut

Glenn F. Chesnut

Table of Contents

1. The Sacrifice on the Cross

2. The Messiah

3. The Word of God

4. The Vision of God
5. The Humanity of Christ

6. The Divine Man

7. The Redeemed Humanity

8. The Easter Faith

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