Tales from the Caribbean

John Stark

John Stark, Tales from the Caribbean
John Stark, Tales from the Caribbean, April 2018 reprint, ISBN 9-781642-540109, iv + 338 pp., paperback $9.86 U.S.  Originally published in 2012.

(with a spiritual message tucked in here and there)

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Tales from the Caribbean, written by John Stark -- a collection of lively tales about the people who live on sailboats and party on the sandy beaches of the Virgin Islands: charter boat captains, yacht racers, spear fishers, and those who know how to take fast boats from port to port under a veil of secrecy.

These stories tell of buried pirate treasure, gypsy fortune tellers, a young woman who races yachts, a politically-astute coal mine operator from eastern Kentucky, a renegade monk living with a bevy of beautiful former prostitutes from Amsterdam, and a skillful sea captain named Neil, who sails through a storm at the end with a friend from Waynedale (a gentleman known simply as “the Pirate”).

The author of these tales, John Stark (the Pirate), who sailed the Caribbean himself back in the 1970’s and 80’s, eventually retired from the sea after his last sailing yacht was sunk in a hurricane. He originally wrote these stories as a series of newspaper columns for the Waynedale News.

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On the spiritual message of the book, see John Stark & Glenn Chesnut, "The Spirituality of the Caribbean Tales," by clicking here and going to the Glenntext website.

More about the Author

John Edward Stark was born to Irene Elizabeth and Edward William Stark on April 11, 1945. He attended grade school at Waynedale Elementary School in Fort Wayne, Indiana; middle school at Maplewood School; and high school at Elmhurst High School, where he graduated in 1963. He also attended a regional campus for one semester.

After his high school graduation he married Patricia M. Gasper on October 28, 1963 and that union produced two handsome sons, John William Stark, born May 29, 1964, and Clay Edward Stark, born May 18, 1967. His first marriage ended in 1970 and a special little girl, Amber Michelle Roberson, whom he still loves as a daughter, came into his life during his single years, which lasted until his second marriage, on August 19, 1997, to Kay S. Sweet, formerly of Philadelphia and Long Island, New York.

In August of 1985 he was introduced to a retired newspaper man, the late Edward Kennedy, who heard his life story. Ed said, “Colleges crank out hoards of writers, but they don't have a story. You have a story and should learn how to write—lest it will never be told.”

He enrolled in a basic typing class at the old Central High Night School and was tutored by Mrs. Gloria Van Slyke, who further encouraged him to continue writing. His third mentor was the late Betty Grotness, who once worked for the Chicago Tribune. His fourth mentor was and is Rodney Miller, currently a resident of Shenyang, China. His fifth writing mentor and current editor is Professor Glenn Chesnut, referred to in these tales as Professor C., who has authored several books of his own.

Tales from the Caribbean was originally a bi-weekly fictional creation that ran as a series in the Waynedale News in Fort Wayne, Indiana, for three and a half years, from April 22, 2009 to September 21, 2012. Some of the characters are vaguely modeled after real characters John Stark once sailed with, but the story line is strictly produced by his own creative efforts.

He died on November 10, 2012 at the age of 67.

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