Alcoholics Anonymous history topics: Fourth Earl of Lucan, estate in County Mayo, birthplace of Sister Ignatia Gavin, Angel of Alcoholics Anonymous, worked at St. Thomas Hospital in Akron, Ohio, with Dr. Bob Smith.

The Fourth Earl of Lucan

Charles George Bingham, 8 May 1830 - 5 June 1914

from Fiona D. (County Mayo)

  Sister Ignatia Gavin (1 January 1889 - 1 April 1966), "the Angel of Alcoholics Anonymous," was the daughter of Patrick Gavin and Barbara Neary Gavin. At the time of Ignatia's birth, they lived in Ireland in County Mayo on the Earl of Lucan's estate. In 1896, Ignatia (with her father, mother, and brother) left Ireland to come to America.

14 June 2009

The Third Earl of Lucan, known as the 'exterminator' because of the ruthless number of evictions he enforced on his estates, died in 1888 and was succeeded by his son George. In contrast to his father, the Fourth Earl was well regarded in County Mayo as is illustrated in two articles from The Connaught Telegraph newspaper, which are reproduced here.

Lord Lucan 1848                      Lord Lucan 1850

The fourth Earl of Lucan, Wynne Photographers
Reproduced with kind permission of Gary Wynne
Taken from The Connaught Telegraph dated 27 June 1908

The news of the death of Lord Lucan which occurred at his residence, Laleham House, Staines, on Friday last was received by the people of Castlebar with feelings of deep regret, and the deepest sympathy is extended to Lord Bingham and the other members of his family. Lord Lucan had reached the ripe old age of 84 years. It is admitted on all sides that Lord Lucan was one of the most generous of the landed proprietors in Ireland, and it has been often said that if other men of his standing emulated his kindly manner towards his tenantry, agitation on the land question in Ireland would be a myth. Long before the creation of the Land Acts Lord Lucan parcelled out large tracts of land amongst his tenants and was the first landlord in Ireland to sell to the C. D. Board. He was always on the most friendly terms with his tenants, and there was never a harsh eviction since he succeeded to the estate. His memory will be held in esteem throughout Mayo, and especially in Castlebar where his many acts of kindness and generosity to the people will never be forgotten and which were referred to in feeling terms by the Rev. J. A. Lendrum at the memorial service held on Tuesday last, and also by the members of Castlebar Urban Council and Castlebar Petty Sessions bench, as set out below.

Sir. George Bingham K.P., J.P, fourth held the title of Baron Lucan (1776), and was a baronet of Nova Scotia, the first baronet being Sir. Richard Bingham, created in 1623. He reduced risings 1586, 1590, and 1593, and became Marshal of Ireland. The fifth baronet married a grand-daughter of Patrick Sarsfield, Earl of Lucan, who fell at Linden, in 1693. Lord Lucan was a representative Peer for Ireland. He was a Knight of the Legion of Honour and of the Medjidieh (5th Class). The son of the third Earl and Ann, daughter of the sixth Earl of Cardigan, he was born on May 8th, 1830. He was educated at Rugby. Entering the Army, he served as aide-de-camp to his father. The Fourth Earl of Lucan commanded the cavalry division in the Crimea War. Lord Lucan was Lieutenant-Colonel of the Goldstream Guards, and bore the sceptre with dove at the Coronation of King Edward. He succeeded his father in the title in 1888.

Lord Lucan married in 1859, Lady Cecilia Catherine Gordon-Lennox, youngest daughter of the fifth Duke of Richmond, K.G., by whom he had six sons and one daughter. Lady Lucan died in 1910. The late Earl was a member of Parliament for Mayo from 1865 to 1874. he became Vice-Admiral of Connaught in 1889, and His Majesty's Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum for Co. Mayo in 1901. He was an extensive land lord, owning about 63,000 acres. Lord Lucan was created a Knight of the Most Illustrious Order of St. Patrick in 1898. he is succeeded in the title by his eldest son Lord Bingham.

The funeral took place on Tuesday at Laleham.

-- Taken from The Connaught Telegraph dated 13 June 1914

Death of Lord Lucan 1914, Sir George Bingham, Fourth Earl of Lucan, article from The Connaught Telegraph


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