Alcoholics Anonymous history topics: Sister Ignatia Gavin, Angel of A.A., St. Thomas Hospital in Akron, Ohio, with Dr. Bob Smith. Her parents' marriage certificate: January 29, 1882.

Sister Ignatia: her parents' marriage certificate

from Fiona D. (County Mayo)

12 June 2009

From Ireland: the Church Marriage Record for Sister Ignatia's parents, Patrick Gavin and Barbara Neary, who married on 29 January 1882.

Griffith's Land Valuation of 1855 spells Barbara's family name as "Narry," Sr. Ignatia's baptismal record spells it as "Nary," and here we see the name spelled "Narree," but it is the same name. The place where they lived -- Shanvalley in Burren, in County Mayo -- can likewise be spelled Shanvally, Shanvoley, or (as here) Shanvolee. The joys of translation from Gailge :-)

Sister Ignatia's parents marriage certificate from church marriage records in Ireland


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