Anne Smith's Journal

Anne Ripley Smith kept this journal from 1933 to 1939, the formative years of the Alcoholics Anonymous movement. This is the actual text of that journal, given verbatim, which provides us an intimate glimpse into her thoughts and ideas. She was as important as her husband Dr. Bob (the co-founder of AA) in shepherding the little group of recovering alcoholics in Akron, Ohio, who met in her home every morning for coffee and a prayer meeting, led by her, using that day's reading in The Upper Room for their discussion topic.

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From "Ralph Cova"  (cralph at

Not long ago I was privileged to come into possession of a copy of Anne Ripley Smith's Journal 1933-1939. It is the Journal she kept and shared with Dr. Bob, Bill W., and the early people in the Alcoholics Anonymous movement. It is supposed to have come from AA's General Service Office in New York City. I received 79 pages of which 28 are handwritten, of which some appear to be duplicated. There are 51 typed pages that Dr. Bob and Anne's daughter Sue Smith-Windows typed.

On the written pages I have tried to duplicate it as it was written, but there are some areas that are just not decipherable. When the original Journal was copied, there were pages where some of the information on the pages was cut off during the duplicating process. I have not tried to alter or put in words even when I thought I might know what was intended to be said. I will leave that up to you to fill in the blanks. Eventually I will scan the complete document as I received it and make those available also.

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