The 1938 Amos List

John Barton has recently discovered a copy of this document, which is one of the most important lists we have of the names and sobriety dates of the earliest A.A. members.

"The Amos List" is the name given to Dr. Bob's handwritten list of members drawn up by him in February of 1938 and provided to Frank Amos. This list was referenced and attached to the February 23, 1938 "Notes on Akron, Ohio, Survey" by Frank Amos and was provided under cover letter by Willard Richardson to John D. Rockefeller dated February 23, 1938.

Alcoholics Anonymous Dr. Bob's handwriting and letterhead

Amos report to Rockefeller on early A.A.

Dr. Bob's handwritten list of names of early AA members

1938 Amos List of early AA members